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Via Halo Waypoint it has been announced earlier today that the HCS European Pro League will be ending this Summer Season in its place Gfinity will be replacing ESL in the management of the European side of the Halo Championship Series.


So the HCS Pro League and Open Circuit will now be merged to create a unified league under the name of the EU Halo Championship Series. People may be familiar with this format as it was used back in the 2014 Halo Championship Series for Halo 2 Anniversary.

Mark Onset Hatcher from Gfinity had this to say about the news:

‘Super excited to be back involved with EU Halo here at Gfinity. Looking forwards to providing an experience that benefits both Pro and Am players alike, and putting EU halo on the map’


Pre Season Cup: 19th/20th August 2017

Open Cup One: 26th/27th August 2017

Open Cup Two: 2nd/3rd September 2017

Open Cup Three: 3rd/4th September 2017

HCS London: 15th-17th September 2017

Official statement via Waypoint

In Europe, we’ll be replacing the HCS Pro League and HCS Open Circuit leagues with a unified league which will be named the EU Halo Championship Series, similar to when the HCS first launched in 2014. The EU scene is filled with many passionate and talented players, and we hope this change will excite players and teams while maintaining and even increasing the competitiveness of the of the entire scene. Additionally, we believe these changes will promote a healthy ecosystem for players and organizations in the scene.

Here’s how it works:

All teams will compete together in online and in-person tournaments for HCS points
All tournaments will be seeded by HCS points
Like in North America, online cups will be split over two days featuring an open bracket and Legendary bracket
HCS London will feature just one open bracket where the Top 3 teams will punch their ticket to the Fall 2017 Finals by ESL at DreamHack Denver.
The winner of the online LCQ will be the final and 4th seeded European team sent to the Fall 2017 Finals.
You can look for the EU Halo Championship Series handbook with complete details in the coming weeks.

So with Gfinity now running the European side of the HCS rosters will be looking extra spicy once DreamHack Atlanta has concluded. Will we see players return, what current Pro League roster will split and most importantly, will we get the GoldenWonder combo back in HCS London?

For future developments follow me on Twitter as I’ll be tweeting and publishing more details when they become available!

Also check out the latest Talk Shift where I talk about all of the above!



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